Intercosmografica and the trade fairs

The exhibition period is approaching for us by Intercosmografica as for many other companies operating in the secondary packaging sector, we will briefly expose what for us are the reasons that encourage us to participate in various trade fairs during the year.
Even in the era of web marketing and social networks, the fair remains one of the most important tools for the promotion of industrial and commercial companies, the fair can easily be transformed from a pure sales tool to a tool for relations and communication.
Because of the crisis in recent years there has been a slight decrease in exhibition investments, but this is a direct consequence of the rationalization of costs, and certainly does not correspond to the abandonment of the exhibition tool. On the contrary: the fair remains a key moment in the relationship with the reference market and the need to optimize costs has led to an inevitable and profitable optimization of the fair participation by companies.

Why should companies participate in trade fairs? The question arises spontaneously in a world where digital technology allows us to be anywhere without moving from our city.
Not so long ago, presenting its products / services in a trade fair was the only way to make itself known to an extended public, was the right opportunity to do public relations with a view to enhancing business. Today with internet all this can be done at a distance: you can present the products through a site, you can hook new customers on social networks and retain those already purchased thanks to instant messaging applications.
That's why Intercosmografica always puts a lot of trust and resources in the planning and realization of trade fairs, here below our 5 driving reasons:

1) Doing networking
The first reason for companies worldwide to take part in fairs, both by exhibitors and visitors, is to take advantage of the opportunity to meet people interested in our business, to get to know partners with whom to expand their business networking as the most fashionable entrepreneurs would say.
The physical dimension in this helps a lot: it allows, in fact, to face the interlocutor, to understand more from the movements of the body, to enter into a relationship with a simple handshake, all this with the new digital marketing channels is not possible.

2) Exchange knowledge
At an industry fair, it is possible to meet companies from the same sector as our own or the induced one. This aspect is very important because it allows the parties involved to exchange knowledge and know how and, if necessary, work.
Establishing business relationships is essential for companies that want to grow and joining this goal is easier to achieve.

3) Recover contacts from potential customers
In addition to knowledge with possible business partners, trade fairs give companies the opportunity to meet potential customers, to chat with them to see if they can be interested in our product / service.
 If it seems difficult to tear up a new contract during the days of the event, you can retrieve the contacts, to make an appointment at a later time. This will also give the impression that your company is not only interested in profit, but also in the human relationship in order to grow together.
4) Get in touch with new markets
This is especially true when participating in an international fair. Here, in fact, an entrepreneur has the opportunity to get in touch with a market other than the domestic one, regulated by different rules and understand if it is appropriate to enter or abandon the purpose.
Understanding the dynamics, the customs, the culture, the ways of interaction of a foreign market is of fundamental importance when one decides to widen one's own boundaries, and being on the spot is surely the best way to understand all these things.
5) Improve your brand identity
A company that takes part in a trade fair is a company that gives a positive outlook on itself.
 Welcoming people in the stand, talking with them, being friendly and even nice is good for the brand's identity. This aspect, sometimes underestimated, has the aim of making people speak well of the a priori activity, of inducing word of mouth, of retaining existing customers and of widening the network of potential ones.

 These 5 reasons all revolve around a fundamental element typical of trade fairs: the human relationship, which generates trust and therefore useful contacts to enhance the business.

In short, according to us, also and especially in the age of the Internet of Thing and augmented reality remains of fundamental importance
and of the augmented reality it remains of fundamental importance to participate in the sector fairs exploiting them as a tool for communication and business promotion.
Despite the technology has come to support us now in almost all fields and business sectors, no computer can ever replace human contact that is the real driving force of trade.
Come and visit us, you will find us in Bologna (Cosmopack) at pavilion 18 stand B26 and in Milan (Packaging Premiere) stand C23 / 27.
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