Packaging lovers since 1889.

The history of Intercosmografica begins as early as 1889 starting from Gualfardo Ceretti’s passion for the art of printing.
Nowadays, having full knowledge of our own history means for us to work with passion, sacrifice and 
dedication offering always something new, which can give our products a fine and refined quality based on any single customer’s requirement.
After five generations during which Intercosmografica has never stopped growing, now with our techniques and 
INNOVATIONS we can consider ourselves one of the leading companies in the packaging.

Since 1889 INTERCOSMOGRAFICA manufactures high quality products and especially thanks to a working team of professional people and technicians
who work with passion and precision.  Continuing to grow and update, Intercosmografica runs together with its customer innovative ways, we offer new ideas and
solutions using the best available technologies and machinery.

From digital printing to the creation of packaging, we guarantee to all our customers excellent personalized 
realization, availability, reliability and professionalism.  

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